The Floors: Chapter Two!

My computer has been out of commission for a few days while I relocated it to a more permanent home. The picture uploading cradle is connected to that and so I apologize for slacking.

The last post you all read included photos of Ross in the process of lifting the floors. The next day, he raised the floors a tad bit more. Amazing what an eensy weensy bit more weight can do to a floor...

Eh hem...ummm yeah. That's right boys and girls! You're looking at the jack that went through the floor!

This is a picture of the bottle jack sitting inside the floor. It actually broke through the 1" thick concrete floor of the basement (which I'm told is actually not much at all) and wedged itself underneath! So that was pretty awesome to come home to.

Not to worry though, Ross patched the hole in the floor and made it all right again. With a little elbow grease, and more pounding

(because, as I'm learning, the first lesson in home repairs is to always try pounding the poo out of something first!!),

the post is back where it belongs sitting on a freshly poured patch of concrete.

Well, close enough!

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