Hauser von Schnauzer!

Meet Mojo! He turned seven weeks old today and we were able to finally bring him home!

I have more pictures (because I know everyone was holding their breath for his arrival) on my Yahoo page:

Mojo's Yahoo Photos Page!

Then just click on the album appropriately marked "Mojo the schnauzer".

While some of the following pictures may depict images in which Linus appears to be happy about the new puppy, sadly, this is not the case. It appears he was not expecting this outcome from his little rendezvous last fall! Linus has become quite the drama queen in the past few days and I think is convinced Ross and I have lost our minds. He, for lack of a better way to say it, utterly and completely despises little Mojito. Hopefully this will not last!

Mojo with one of his brothers before he came home.

While they look like they are making nice...believe me looks are deceiving.

Mojo invited himself into Linus' kennel (without Linus permission, of course). This picture was taking moments before Linus ran for the hills.

I put Mojo in his kennel to see how it would go. I think the only thing missing from this picture is a tin can to clank against the bars. What a sad little puppy we have!

Mojo modeled his new shirt compliments of his aunt Carol. (It says "I'm naked under my shirt!)

One passed out puppy!

And now I must excuse myself, I have to go fish Linus out from under the bed where he has been pouting all evening.

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