Back at it

After El Stinko blew up last week, demo on the garage was temporarily postponed. We were not so easily thwarted. El Stinko was back up and running yesterday and Garage Removal 2009 was back on track.

By the time I came home for lunch, Ross had already been to the dump once and was working on removing the rest of the roof

I think this is a nice shot of the bigger picture here. Ross perched precariously on what is left of the roof of the (very unsafe) garage, with the reason we're tearing it down looming over the top of him.

I didn't take a video of this part, but this picture was taken while Ross was demonstrating how many feet he could sway the whole structure back and forth, while sitting on top of it. He thought it was hilarious. I just kept thinking, "you do not have Aflac!!!"

This is a nice view from inside what is left of the basement. As evil as that tree is, I'll admit it is beautiful. And I'm going to miss it.

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