More surpises!

I completely forgot to talk about what else Ross found in the house! Some of it I will be able to take pictures to post on here (my computer is not up and running yet for picture uploads so I have to do this from work...I will post pictures as soon as I can). Ross discovered that the walls downstairs from floor to ceiling (and possibly including the ceiling) are wallpaper that has been painted and textured over. That was exciting enough. THEN, he found a secret hiding place under the stairs! Okay that's a bit dramatic. Let me try to give you a visual of how this works. There are stairs that lead up to the second floor from the main floor. There are also stairs that lead to the basement from the main floor. These stairwells sort of overlap each other, so that when you are going down into the basement, you are walking underneath the stairs that go to the second floor. With me so far? Well in the well of one of the stairs that leads to the second floor, and accessible only from the stairs that lead to the basement, there is a small space that has been boarded off. So, Ross pulled off the board and found a small collection of pots and pans, an old roll of 1960's style wallpaper, and some old cords. I have no idea what any of it is or how old it is, but it was kind of exciting to find it there!

Ross also discovered that there used to be a doorway from the landing at the bottom of the stairs that go up to the second floor that lead into the kitchen from the living room. This I will definitely be able to take pictures of. Interesting for sure!

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