Today's lesson: How to fix a bathroom door!

When we moved into this house, our bathroom door did not close. Imagine what joy that was to take a shower, brush one's teeth, and do other bathroom activities with the door unable to shut completely. Then Bryan came and he and Ross saved the day! Our bathroom door closes!!

What have we learned today boys and girls? Let's review.

Step 1: Measure very carefully.

Step 2: Screwdrivers are essential tools.

Step 3: When the screwdriver doesn't work, get out the drill.

Step 4: When the drill doesn't work, take the door off and bang on it with a hammer for awhile.

Step 5: When all else fails, bust out the circular saw.

Step 6: And then measure some more...

Step 7: And bang on it with a screwdriver...

Step 8: And a hammer...

At last: The door closes!! :)

That, boys and girls, is how a bathroom door is fixed.

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