The Craft Room!!

The craft room is coming along quite nicely! Sadly, Ross refuses to take pictures so all projects completed solely by me will not have many photos. The colors in the pictures do not do justice to the actual wall colors, but if you picture Skittles, you'll be close. The walls are a bright spring green (think green VW Beetle).

The slanted wall is a bright sherbet orange color.

The trim is hot fuschia pink, and the outside of the windows are olive color. The door will be painted in some of these colors as well at a later time.

The giant free standing closet structure thing was so much bigger than we actually thought, so I (yes, I, all by myself) took a hammer and a flat crowbar thing and busted that sucker apart. Ross carried all the pieces to the basement for me :) (Thanks Ross!) The room is so much bigger now!!

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I hung all of those shelves by myself. I, yes I, used a drill. And the level is there to show you all how close I got the first time around. Ross' comment: "Yeah, so it's off. What's your point?" Whatever.

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