Craft Room Phase II (cont.)

Ooh I forgot to put this in the previous posts! When we purchased our house we were told that there is no documentation that states the date that the house was built. We've always guessed around the 1900's-ish based on the fact that it is a Dutch Colonial Revival style house, and a few other things. When we took out the chimney I found wad of "insulation" in the walls. When these houses were built they used insulation made from newspaper and sawdust. I have sorted through hundreds of little bits of newspapers and found a few that say "1924" on them. I am guessing that is most likely when the house was built. I also found a penny when I was sweeping on Sunday night that is dated "1929". I originally though tit said "1920" and we got really excited, but 1929 is still pretty cool! I'll take pictures and post them to this message when I can.

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