Craft Room Phase II!

The craft room has always been a odd room in our house. It was the dumping grounds for things that never got unpacked. It was a makeshift craft room for awhile (that's now in my dining room which looks absolutely fabulous let me assure you...). Ross and I want to make that space into two rooms. So on Friday night Ross and I cleaned out the rest of the stuff and jammed it into other parts of the house. Then Ross began demolition about 6pm Saturday afternoon! (It was a lazy day and took awhile to get motivated!) I would like to say that I helped, but I would be lying. I did a lot of "supervising" and cleaning and fetching of this or that. I made the coffee runs and Subway runs! :)

Here is a picture before we started after everything was cleared out! Its almost hard to remember there used to be a wall there!

We started by removing the old Berber carpet (ick!).

Then we removed all the moldings around the base of the room, and all those stupid tack strips from the carpet. I've added those to my top ten least favorite things to do under chopping raw chicken, de-veining raw shrimps, and knocking out lath and plaster.

When Ross was removing this board, we discovered writing on the back. There was a lot of dust in the air and the light is not good, but it reads "north west room". Kind of fun!

After all that was removed we started again with the plaster - the bane of my existence. Am I being dramatic enough about the plaster. Am I making myself clear enough about how much it totally sucks to take that out? Good, I was just checking.

There aren't many pictures of the actual demo of the plaster. I was working for awhile and then the dust got to me and I couldn't be in there anymore. Here are some "after" photos though!

(that is where the chimney used to be)

(notice how hazy it is in there? I didn't realize how dusty it really was until I saw these pictures!)

We did make an interesting discovery in the bathroom though! I wont go into the story that led up to us taking off the mirror because Ross will probably scream if he hears it again. When we removed the mirror in the bathroom we found this!

It's a built in medicine cabinet! The only problem is that when we remove the lath from the wall behind it there will be a gaping hole in the bathroom wall. That ought to be rather interesting! We'll need to put that mirror back up and I imagine we'll start with drywalling that wall first! :)

Ross shoveled all of the plaster down into the basement again. It's even worse than last time! I have a video of the room all demo-ed that I will upload soon. And I will take a picture of the basement to post as well.

Now all the plaster is down off of the walls and the ceiling. Ross was able to pull off about 25% of the lath off the walls and hopes to finish that next weekend. Dad came out on Sunday and brought a huge load of 2x4's and a roll of insulation!! THANKS DADDY!

I can't tell you how strange (and a little stressful) it is to see that room totally gutted! What's even worse is the though that the rest of the house will look like that too! Yikes!!

I hope to keep more on top of the blog now that it's all caught up! I will post more next weekend!

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