Long time no bloggie...

Yes, yes, I know I've been slacking; however, I am very excited to announce that very soon we will be picking things back up and starting in again! In the mean time, enjoy some pictures of my first real Christmas Tree!!

My Twinkly tree!!!!

(I know it's sideways...I can't figure out how to fix it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!)

That's Ross' Mazda Protege sitting underneath our 8.5' Christmas Tree! We got the tree the same weekend it monsooned and Tillamook almost floated out into the ocean. Here are some pictures of the flood.

The steeple blew off the roof of the Bay City Church. The "wind-mometer" out at Cape Meares broke at 120-something mph.

The Nehalem River flooded a lot of dairy pastures.

This was the road to Oceanside from Tillamook. They were without power for nearly 2 weeks.

This is pretty self explanatory!

A mud slide in Bay City onto Hwy 101.\

Here is the view of Hwy 101 through Tillamook. In the background you can see a Red semi up to its doors in water. The cell towers were down and the long distance was broken. All raods leading out of Tillamook county were either flooded or blocked by mudslides. The radio stations had to be boated in (quite literally) and were then stuck in the station until the waters receded. It was quite an adventure! Thankfully, Ross and I live on "the island" - otherwise known as the only section on Tillamook that doesn't flood!

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